Lynbrook Resources and Best Practices
Protecting intellectual property, financial data and customer information can be an elusive and a time consuming process. When it comes to Security what‘s best for one is not always best for all.
Areas of Practice:
  • NGFW
  • NGEP
  • IPS
  • DMVPN/Site-to-Site VPN’s
  • SD WAN’s
  • HA & Site Acceleration
  • Wireless
  • Identify Control
  • Bulk SYSLOG Correlation
  • Remote Site Visibility
  • 802.1x extensibility
  • Incident Response
  • VDI Templates
  • BYoD Policies



Lynbrook offers Security solutions knowing that each business is unique and that their Security Policies are equally unique. The solution must enable the business and also address emerging Next Generation Security threats and vulnerability.

Lynbrook helps your organization derive solutions that are aligned to unique business and economic requirements. We achieve this by complementing leading security companies and by extending their solutions reach with experience garnered by solving today’s most complex security challenges via:

  • Certified Security Professionals
  • Assessments and identities policies , endpoint and devices; wired & wireless
  • Managed Security partnerships with leading Security companies leveraging most current protection and practices for sites, systems, data and identity protection
Secure Wireless & Mobility

Wireless is here to stay and is a key employee productivity driver. With wireless come users who are accessing corporate resources with personal and shared wireless devices. Organization must build a solution that can accommodate all types of wireless and mobility technologies such as 802.1b/g/n and site-to-wireless with secure authentication and identity verification. Coincidentally wireless compounds security challenges and in certain cases can provide unauthorized users free rein to take down the network or cause irrevocable damage and data loss.

Applications like Google Doc’s, and Facebook Share require that companies also incorporate OUTBOUND policies that provide an unprecedented level of visibility, control and protection. All the while the policy cannot adversely affect sales, service and web based business objectives. The antiquated firewall with INBOUND statefull inspection based predominately on port 80/443 capability is no longer adequate for today’s evolving applications and increasing threats. Lynbrook works with leading Security companies to ensure your security needs are met by providing control of what applications can and cannot do, determine what content is allowed to leave your network and the ability to intercept suspect behavior.