“When the network is your business…”
Infrastructure done right
  • Data center connectivity
  • Server/Client connectivity
  • Storage extension
  • Fibre Channel SAN and Ethernet fabrics
  • Centralized fabric management
  • Service Delivery based Campus LAN’s
  • Lossless & Self-forming Ethernet Fabrics
Data Center

Lynbrook has 1000’s of design and implementation hours of large Portal Sites, Enterprise Campus, Hybrid Clouds/Colocations and Private Clouds. Through many years of experience we know firsthand how to select infrastructure that is conducive to business. Our approach extends the reach of applications ensuring service delivery in-line with business initiatives and SLA’s. A key Lynbrook consideration is serviceability. We employ POD, 2 or 4 Posts, Spine/Leaf and Fabric Data Center design options that provide environments that maximize sustained uptime and provide the ability to easily expand systems and services.

VM Farms

IT organizations are turning to virtualization solutions built around pools of flexible server and shared storage resources that can meet their dynamic business requirements. However, to implement a complete data center virtualization strategy, these organizations need a unified, end-to-end solution based on a powerful, reliable, and scalable IT infrastructure. Lynbrook works closely with the leaders in storage and server virtualization to ensure the highest levels of integration and reliability in highly virtualized data centers.

Hybrid Cloud/Colocations

“Hybrid Cloud” is the contemporary way of saying colocation. It’s where hosted private based resources interconnect with public service offerings. We bring the right set of solutions to address a secure and integrated solution that allows your enterprise to seamlessly exchange data between internal and external SaaS/IaaS based solutions.

Services Based Campus LAN

The primary function of a network is to deliver connectivity and services to internal and external clients. However, supporting the level of availability needed by today’s enterprise campus applications requires a different approach. An approach that views the network as a system composed of distinct functionality, rather than a collection of interconnected devices. Non-stop networking for campus environments takes an end-to-end approach to network availability protecting against failures at the device level, at the network level and insuring the overall availability of network connectivity services through real-time service level monitoring and protection against common security threats. Lynbrook leverage best-in-class technology to satisfy application delivery requirements.