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Exceptional Service through Technical Excellence

Round Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Get the most of  Cloud technology; leverage our             Bimodal IT expertise for Private and Hybrid Cloud
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Round Software Defined Technology

Know the benefits of competing Open and Converged LAN, Data Center & WAN SDN solutions
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Round Data Center Segmentation

VXLAN has taken hold allowing many Data Centers tremendous operational flexibility
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Round Enterprise Campus Refresh

40G/100G Campus LAN’s supporting next generation User Enforcement and UCS support, Jabber & Lync
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Round Enterprise Data Analytics

Analyze all data whether it resides on the wire, at the VM or in multi-vendor storage arrays
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Round Next Generation Security

Secure assets using AppID based Data Center segmentation and Cloud based EndPoint solutions
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Deep expertise with customs, regulatory and valued-added tax (VAT) reclamation. We provide In-country agents for consignee assistance and leverage DDP/ PPA for expedient delivery of Door-to-Door and hassle free delivery, tonnage & heavy freight.
We engage stakeholders to validate, design, & optimize for mission critical and maintenance deployments. We manage technology companies and collective resources to efficiently make service schedules and to meet business initiatives.
Proxy manufacturer and assist customer with End of Sale and End of Support schedules. Provide quick and accurate detail renewal quotes to include detail device information, location and service plan. Provide coterminous quotations Identify most appropriate entitlement options for customer’s Service Level Objective, SLO, and administer most cost effective support plans on behalf of our customers.
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